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Home Business Too Much for Your Home? Think About Relocating

Home Business Too Much for Your Home? Think About Relocating

So you’ve taken the leap of starting a home business. You’ve created a marketing plan, targeted a customer base, and invested in capital. There’s only one problem: Your home isn’t big enough to accommodate both work and life. If you anticipate your business rapidly outgrowing your residence, take steps early on so you don’t find yourself hampered by something as simple as not having enough (or the right kind of) space.

One option might be to plan a remodel or redesign, or even talk to a contractor about putting in an addition. But building not only takes a lot of time — it can be more expensive than you anticipate. A better option might be simply to sell and relocate. While the prospect of house-hunting while simultaneously launching a new enterprise may feel daunting, it’s not impossible and might be the least costly and most efficient choice.

Consult with a realtor.

You want a professional and reliable real estate agent to do the legwork for you here, so you are free to focus on developing your business. It’s important to find a realtor you can trust, with good reviews, and experience working in your area. Felicciardi Properties has an excellent record of helping clients find a residence to meet their criteria, in a timely and professional manner.

Make a list of specifications for your new residence.

Keep in mind that you will probably want to keep home life and work life separate to some extent, especially if you anticipate having customers and clients come through. So it’s not only about the size of the house — it’s about design and layout, as well.

You also want to consider the location. What this entails depends largely on the particulars of your business, but whether you are in search of an easily accessible building in a bustling urban area or a private residence with a lot of space in a more remote one, be clear on zoning laws that might limit your business plans. Other factors include access to amenities, noise, and proximity to customers and suppliers.

Time management is key.

If you are multitasking, trying to plot a move while also getting a business off the ground, this can bring on stress and impede productivity. Manage your time wisely, eliminating any non-essential tasks that can be completed later.

If friends or family can help with additional burdens such as childcare or routine maintenance, that’s great — but do consider compensating them in some way, if possible. You could also hire a personal assistant to help you streamline your processes and allow you to focus on essentials.

Prepare well.

If you already are in contact with prospective customers, be sure to alert them of your move in advance. You will want to update any public information on websites, voicemail, or social media. Be sure you have a phone and internet ready to go in your new establishment as soon as possible, so you don’t miss any important communication. And of course, alert the post office, IRS, and any other relevant entities of your address change.

You also want to make sure you are personally prepared for this new venture. If you are uncertain about your own qualifications, research online classes and training programs. You could even plan to pursue a degree, at your own pace. For instance, a master’s degree in information technology can give you added credentials and skills that will pay off significantly for years to come.

Starting a home business is exciting, and so is relocating. Both can be anxiety-inducing, as well. While a certain amount of stress is inevitable during this switchover, the assistance of a reliable realtor such as Felicciardi Properties can help make your experience as rewarding as possible. Contact Pasquale today to start. 631-560-8077

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